Rationale and Mechanism (Sales Rep)


With the high volume of sales people vying for providers' time and the number of interruptions that providers and their staff contend with daily, the quality of commercial contacts has significantly decreased. Many providers are refusing to see industry representatives and those that do are rushed when approached. Consequently, many sales calls being reported are of questionable value due to the circumstances surrounding those attempts and in the case of pharmaceuticals, a good many are no more than sample drops. With insurance programs, Medicare, and Medicaid all trying to reduce costs, and while associated overhead continues to spiral upward, physicians are seeing their income decrease. Their time with patients is at a premium. Time management and how it is spent is now critical.

Akcess is an innovative new program that offers benefits and solutions to both the physician and the commercial representatives competing for his time and attention. Those physicians who enroll into the program are provided a means to control the flow of venders to their offices and are able to support programs that they deem worthy through charitable contributions they earn for the time that they dedicate to evaluating the information and products you provide. Your enrollment with Akcess guarantees focused five-minute time segments in which to present your sales message to key providers. You will be able to better plan your days and reduce your time and expense making cold calls. The length of time waiting to see providers will be decreased significantly and your time will become more productive. The program's design will also track information for management purposes and will maintain a rolling twelve month history of your activity.


This web site functions as the control point at which individual sales representatives can purchase five minutes with member providers from Akcess. The process mimics that associated with making airline reservations. Instead of a seating chart, you will be able to pull up each individual member provider's appointment calendar. In each case the calendar is determined by the provider or their staff upon his/her enrollment. All currently reserved appointments are blacked out while those available are legible. After selecting time with a specific provider by entering appropriate information, you reserve and guarantee that appointment by submitting a thirty five dollar payment by credit card. (MasterCard, VISA or American Express) You will then receive confirmation by E-mail.

An initial enrollment fee of $50.00 is required. Once enrolled, your E-mail address and personal pin will then be used as your individual identifier for access and security in order to view your scheduled appointments and histories. Sharing your identifier with your managers will allow them to have access to your calendars insuring continuity in the event of personnel changes.

To answer additional questions contact us at akcessus.com or call (301) 638-2001.