Rationale and Mechanism (Physician)


Many providers like yourself are aware that the time that you defer from patient care to entertain industry visits in the office is extremely valuable. Today increasing numbers of sales people are attempting to interrupt your busy office schedule in an effort to introduce new products or to present you with new clinical information related to a product you may already be using. Many companies have vast sales forces with multiple representatives targeting the same providers. Alliances between companies increase the number of representatives promoting the same medications and the technology pipeline is hemorrhaging new advances. These interruptions to your patient flow, while in many instances helpful, still cause confusion and take up a significant amount of your time. Some of your colleagues have chosen to no longer see sales representatives for these very reasons.

Akcess is designed to change the impact of commercial visitors in your office. Physicians are enrolled into the Akcess program at no charge. Based on a schedule you pre-determine, Akcess offers 5-minute segments of your time to commercial venders seeking your audience. Akcess will purchase the five minutes you spend with each scheduled vender for twenty-five dollars to be contributed to a preapproved non profit selected by you. Once enrolled, all venders desiring to schedule future appointments in your office will be instructed to do so at our web site. This will:

  • free up your front desk,
  • control the flow of venders to your office,
  • make interruptions predictable,
  • provide a significant pool of funds for worthy causes.


You or your staff will be able to go on line daily and pull up your appointment calendar to verify current appointments, preview future visits, or review your contribution history. And finally, in the first twenty days of each month a total of the donations in your name will be forwarded to the non profit you select for the previous months activity. Your staff will cease making appointments or allowing walk-in visits. They will be provided a reference guide and will simply inform any commercial representative to go to the web site at Akcessus.com to schedule time with you. For additional information call: (301) 638-2001.