How it works

How It works

A provider enrolls with the Akcess program and determines a schedule of five minute time segments he/she is available to meet with representatives during the week. Akcess offers those segments over the internet to representatives wishing to meet with the provider in order to update relevant clinical information, or to introduce new products. Akcess sells the time segments for a fee of $35.00 and contributes $25.00 of the fee in the provider's name to support a non profit chosen by the provider from an approved list. Sales representatives enroll with Akcess to gain access to member provider's appointment schedules. They can then purchase five-minute segments of the provider's time based on availability. This program assures the representative of a full five-minute presentation with his targeted audience. The representative is limited to one appointment every thirty days and Akcess maintains a rolling 12 month history of the activity in each office. Take a tour for more information.

Provider enrollment.
Sales Representative enrollment.